Interactive business games
Play to build soft skills and analyze people behavior.
Understand yourself and your team members better.
Games are an objective, ethical, unbiased, real-time behavioral tool to recognize highest potential and provide tailored recommendations on what to do to improve and succeed in "A" career.

While playing, we are engaged and take an active role in the learning environment. Information becomes meaningful and easy to digest when we interact with in a social context.

We arrange our games for teams and organizations. We do not only sell you the game, but we play it with you. Before each game we provide you with the theoretical context.

70,000 people around the world have already played with us.
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Are you
an employee?
  • Identify your areas of improvement
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Find your super power
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Are you
a manager?
  • Become a better leader
  • Understand your team
  • Learn tools for self-regulation
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Are you
an executive?
  • Monitor corporate health
  • Define your High Potential
  • Cease conflicts and reveal toxic managers
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Corporate trainings are boring and often fail to meet client expectations
Games are the most natural way for humans to learn new things
Playing transforms the way we think
Playground is the most psychologically safe space for meaningful connections and conversation
"Things in the business world change in a matter of seconds today, and in times like this it is especially important for managers and leaders to be able to understand their employees on a deeper level."
Wasim Khan
Head of Digital Solutions at Xerox and General Manager of Xerox DocuShare
Around 33% of respondents to survey by McKinsey & Co. found their corporate training results unsatisfactory.
"When IQ and technical skills are similar, emotional intelligence accounts for 90% of what makes people move up the success ladder."
Daniel Goleman
Author of "Emotional Intelligence at Work"
Our Games
Emotional Intelligence
2-3 hours, up to 8 participants
The game trains our ability to understand, to use and to manage emotions in positive ways. This will relieve stress, allow effective communication, generate empathy, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. EQ connects us with feelings and turns intention into action.
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Case Games
6 hours, up to 12 participants
In these games, participants look at solving real business cases. They have the opportunity to look at their own behavior patterns in business communication, analyze decision making strategies and negotiation skills.. Specific of multicultural environment.
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Values in life
2-3 hours, up to 20 participants
This is the game about values and how they might change in different situations. Can be part of the workshop "Work and life balance: what really matters".
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How it works
Define the Problem
Schedule a call with us to define the problem you have and get an advise how we can help.
Choose the Game
Choose the game that can solve your business problem and set the game goals.
Book the Game
Plan the time and choose those who will play. We can help to arrange venue etc.
Play with us
Come on play day and get insights through the experience of the game. Check your game goals with the results.
Why us?
Exclusive games
developed by us
5 years of research and developing games
70,000 already played
International team
of certified trainers and coaches
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